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View Dropped Students in Gradebook - all grades
To view/update grades for students who have dropped from one of a teacher's classes:
  • In the gradebook, open the student's former class
  • On the left side of the gradebook, about half way down:
  • see "Highlight Selected"
  • Under that: Active and Dropped.
  • Click once on Dropped, then click the Highlight Selected drop-down menu,
  • change it to "Filter Selected"

Teachers can assign grades to dropped students.

Directions to Send Emails to Parents using Gradebook

  1. Login to PowerTeacher
  2. Launch PowerTeacher Gradebook
  3. Go to Tools > Email Students and Parents
  4. Check the boxes for ONE applicable section at a time
  5. Click Next
  6. Select all the Parents/Guardians
  7. Enter a Subject and Message
  8. Click Send Now