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First Grade Curriculum Updates

Please check back often for news about what we're learning as well as upcoming events at NGES! Here are the current updates:

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    Wednesday, 1/11 - Grade 1 Enrichment - Museum of Science visits NGES

    Monday, 1/16 - Martin Luther King Day - NO SCHOOL



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  • fundations First graders started Unit 7 in Fundations last week! Unit 7 focuses on new glued sounds.  Students learned four new glued sounds ending with 'ng' (ang, ing, on, ung), and will learn four new glued sounds ending with 'nk' (ank, ink, onk, unk).  Students will continue to work with these welded sounds by tapping them out, building words, using them in sentences, etc.  We will continue to learn trick words in Fundations. Trick words for this unit include: why, by, my, try, put, two, too, very, also, some, come.  Please encourage your child to practice recognizing and spelling these words at home!

    Next week will focus on adding the suffix -s to the end of the glued sounds!  For example, students will learn to tap and spell 'wings' or 'honks.'

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  • Daily 5 First graders have begun our non-fiction unit in Reader’s Workshop! Non-fiction books are informative and are written to teach us many facts about various subjects. Students will be learning about text features, which are the features of non-fiction texts that help readers navigate through a text. Non-fiction text features include table of contents, headings, bold print, glossary, index, diagrams, labels, photographs, captions, and maps. We will be identifying these text features during whole group lessons and in small groups. Have your child identify these text features as you read non-fiction books together at home!

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  • Math


    After winter break, the first graders wrapped up Module 4 by exploring word problems. Students solved word problems that involved using addition and subtraction. First graders would read the problem and highlight key math words and numbers. Next, students would draw a picture to help solve. Finally, they would record the number sentence to match.

    Our next unit has us revisiting addition. In this math module, we will begin to examine different strategies to solve addition problems besides the "count on" strategy. Students will be working with doubles facts (4+4), doubles plus one facts (4+5), and doubles plus two facts (4+6).  The children will be adding these new addition strategies to add to their math “tool kit” in order to support fact fluency.

    First graders will also begin timed addition fact assessments. These assessments will practice solving basic addition facts to 10. Students will be working up to solving 20 math facts in one minute. Thank you for practicing the facts at home to support first grade addition fluency!

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  • writing Recently in Writers' Workshop, first grade writers have been learning about a new style of writing: Opinion writing. They learned that an opinion is what they personally think or feel about something. They learned that writers express their opinions by stating their opinion clearly, explaining several details that support their opinion, and end their writing with a closing sentence. Students got to try out this new kind of writing with several topics, such as the perfect field trip, the perfect class pet, and their favorite color or season. They convincingly told of their ideas, and provided strong reasons that supported their opinions. They were very persuasive! Great job, first grade writers!

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  • Goods and Service Upon returning from winter vacation, students in first grade have been engaged in a Social Studies economic unit. We have discussed the difference between a need (things we must have to survive) and a want (things we like but don't necessarily need). Next we learned about goods and services. We discussed that a good is something that is made or grown, whereas a service are activities that others provide for us. We will wrap up this unit with a STEAM project. Students will make a good and services town! 


    Next, we will be beginning a science unit on animals and their habitats. We welcome the Museum of Science on Wednesday to help kick off this unit!

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