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Principal's Update 12-9-16

Report cards and Parent Teacher Conferences: This past Wednesday, students brought their first report card of the school year home.  Please take time to review with your child all of the progress he/she has made!  You can sign and return the envelope to school. 

For resources to help you better understand the report card, please visit our district parent resource page and click on your child’s grade level HERE.

For helpful hints on how to prepare for a parent-teacher conference please click HERE


Holiday Concert: A reminder that our holiday concert will be held on  Wednesday, December 21st starting at 10am.  Each grade will present and then return to their classroom.  The schedule will be as follows: Grade 1 at 10:00am, Kindergarten at 10:20am and Preschool at 10:40am in the music room.  We hope you can join us!  

Wellness Policy: In keeping with the wellness policy of the district and ensuring that no food products are used in our classrooms which are nut free, future projects will not include food products.  This measure will ensure the safety of all students.

5 Things: With the cold and snow quickly approaching, it is time to start planning for sending in all 5 things to ensure students can play in the snow.  Hat, jacket, snow pants, mittens, and boots!  Students who do not have all 5 things will be able to play on the hard top.

Acts of Kindness: At our last all-school meeting, we discussed a “Kindness Challenge” for students and staff.  Anytime a student/teacher/adult at school is caught being kind, we are trying to catch it on camera and will be sharing a slideshow of the many ways we are kind to each other at NGES at our January all-school.  This will coincide with Ooch returning to NGES to present to students on just how far a little kindness goes! If you “catch kindness” at home or at an out of school activity and have a picture to share, please send it along to with the subject line: kindness


Box Tops: Contest number 2 is underway!  Please collect and send them in!!  Box Tops are an easy way to support our schools! Keep on clipping!


Word of the week: Our word of the week is sincere. We will introduce the word on Monday morning and then continue to discuss and use it throughout the week.  We encourage you to use talk about it at home as well!


Upcoming Dates:

December 13th: NO SCHOOL. Parent conferences are scheduled during the day and evening.

December 21st: Holiday Concert

December 22nd: Prek Celebrations

December 23rd: No PreK, K/1 celebrations

Gift Giving:  

In 2009, Governor Patrick signed into law G.L c268A. This law provided the Ethics Commission with an increased ability to define and enforce a stronger version of the original Ethics Law that was established in 1976.

The purpose of this law and accompanying regulations is to avoid the perception that a public employee might display any type of favoritism due to the influence of a gift.  This law causes confusion in many schools across the state during the holiday season. It is important for staff and parents to be aware of these laws and regulations so that we avoid individuals being placed in awkward situations.

The guidelines for Massachusetts General Law Chapter 268A and State Ethics Commission rules prohibit all public employees from receiving personal gifts of ‘substantial’ value, which according to the regulations is anything with a value of $50.00 or more.  This includes not only money, but also any gift that has an attached value such as tickets, services rendered, gift certificates, etc. 

The Ethics Commission has created an exemption to the rule of no gifts over $50.00 that applies to instances when groups of people pool their funds to contribute to an aggregate class gift.  In such instances the class gift cannot exceed $150.00 in value and must be presented as a gift from the class with no disclosure of the identities of the people who contributed to the gift.

These conflict of interest laws do not apply to contributions to such organizations as the Grafton Education Alliance or our parent teacher groups.  Contributions to these organizations can be made in the name of a staff member.  Classroom gifts in the form of supplies, books, etc. are also exempt from these regulations.  

The full law can be found HERE.