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Principal's Update 1/2/17

And just like that, 2017 has begun!  On behalf of the entire NGES staff, we hope that everyone had an enjoyable holiday and vacation week!  The first week back from vacation offers the opportunity to review our class and school expectations to ensure that all students are ready to learn.  As students begin to settle into 2017, they will begin to apply skills learned in the fall in more complex ways.  This is an exciting time of school for our students, as their love of learning takes off to new heights! We encourage you to continue talking and reflecting with your children about all that they are working on, read with them daily and reinforce their efforts at being kind, hardworking students!

Winter Weather: Our return from vacation weather looks quite variable!  If the temperature has a “real feel” of 20 degrees or above, students will go outside.  It is important that students are dressed accordingly for the weather. If and when we have more snow, please know that students must have all 5 items (hat, jacket, mittens, snow pants and boots) in order to play in the snow.  If they do not have all 5, they will be allowed to play on the playground.  As students may go to the playground right off the bus, all 5 items should be brought/worn to and from school each day.  

* Please know that the expectation is that all students go outside to recess.  We are unable to accommodate requests for students to remain inside when they are "under the weather" or recovering from a cold.  If you have any questions regarding this policy, please do not hesitate to contact Nurse Jean Sudbey in the main office.  

Morning Drop off:  Please be advised that if you arrive to drop off after 9am, you must walk your child into school and sign them in. Children should not be dropped of in the drop of line at this time, as there is no adult present outside of school to watch them walk inside.  

Acts of Kindness: We are wrapping up our collection of pictures featuring acts of kindness of our students, staff and families.  Thank you to those who have shared a picture.  If you happen to have a picture from the vacation please email to before Friday January 6, 2017 so that it can be added to our slideshow! 

Box Tops: Contest number 2 continues up to the February break!  Please collect and send them in!!  Box Tops are an easy way to support our schools! Keep on clipping! 


Word of the week: Our word of the week is empathy. We will introduce the word on Monday morning and then continue to discuss and use it throughout the week.  We encourage you to use talk about it at home as well!

Upcoming Dates:

January 3rd: Return to school prek-1. 

January 4th: SAC meeting at 3:45pm, PTG meeting at 7:00pm at NGES
January 16th: No School, Martin Luther King day observed